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Taekwondo Competence Center Friedrichshafen

The Taekwondo Competence Center (TCC) Friedrichshafen

From the idea to the reality...
Welcome to the TCC Friedrichshafen!

The time has come: In the end of 2012 the Taekwondo Competence Center Friedrichshafen accrues.

Project overview

  • High-performance and training center in the area of sports and business.
  • Federal base and top-class sports center with boarding school.
  • Using the potential of sports for social inclusion, integration and equal opportunities.
  • Better protection and fight against racism and violence.
  • Cooperation with institutions of the Member States of the European Union.

TCC Friedrichshafen

  • Striving for a recognition as a Regional Training Center of the World Taekwondo Federation.
  • Official Training and Education Center of the European Taekwondo Union.
  • Outpost of the Olympic Training Center in Stuttgart, Germany.
  • Federal base of the German Taekwondo Union.
  • Regional top-class sports center of the Taekwondo Union Baden-Wuerttemberg.
  • Competition and training facility of the BSV Friedrichshafen.

BSV Friedrichshafen, Taekwondo section

  • 5th Place Olympic Games 2008.
  • 9 world championship medals.
Two world titles.
  • 14 European championship medals.
3 European titles.
  • 80 German championship titles.
  • 2-times winner of the "Green Strap of exemplary talent encouragement in the club“.

TCC / BSV Friedrichshafen

  • High-performance sports.
  • Performance sports.
  • Talent and young athletes promotion.
  • Full- and part-time boarding school.
  • School collaborations.
  • Leisure sports.
  • Police sports.
  • Disabled sports.
  • Anti-aggression training.
  • Coolness training.
  • Integration of children, adolescents and adults with migration background or socially disadvantaged families.
  • Product optimization for manufacturers of sports equipment.
Official test center of the adidas group.

Social concept of the TCC Friedrichshafen

  • Training / education in the area of violence prevention.
  • Anti-aggression training in the area of resocialization of socially conspicuous people / vulnerable young people.
  • Cooperation in law enforcement by anti-aggression training and social rehabilitation.
  • Courses for schools and kindergartens in the area of ​​anti-aggression and coolness training.
  • Violence prevention in schools.
  • Self-assertion and self-defense classes for abuse victims.
  • Self-defense for people with disabilities, the elderly and for girls and women.

TCC project partners

  • Excellence university of Konstanz.
Institute for high-performance sports and sports diagnostics of Friedrichshafen.
  • Social services in Europe.
  • Institute for social work and social pedagogy.
  • Clinical center of Friedrichshafen.
  • Office for physiotherapy and sports physiotherapy Thomas Brombacher.

Promoting the attractiveness of Friedrichshafen

  • Site development.
  • World- and Europe-wide increase of the visibility of the city of Friedrichshafen.
  • Tourism.
  • Economic and industrial development.
  • Social, health and education system.

The Taekwondo Competence Center (TCC) Friedrichshafen

... combines sports-scientific, innovative know-how in theory and practice, connects science, research and sports-practical work on highest level.

Olympic medalists pool

  • International academy for top athletes of Olympic federations of the World Taekwondo Federation.
  • Taekwondo boarding school for national top athletes of the German Taekwondo Union.
  • International training, course and skill site.

Research and developing center

  • Research and development of training and competition means in cooperation with the sports-scientific area of the university of Constance.
  • "Official Olympia Research Center of the European Taekwondo Union".
  • Sports product optimization and development.
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Medaillenflut für den BSV in der Schweiz

Bei den 4. Wattwil Open in der Schweiz schlug der BSV Friedrichshafen sich bis auf ein Finale ausnahmslos selbst. So kam es zu drei reinen BSV-Finalbegegnungen und einem BSV-Halbfinale. In der Gesamtwertung belegte der BSV Friedrichshafen um die Trainer Boris Winkler, Dimitrij Schmidt und Markus …


BSV bei Jubiläumsfeier zum 75-jährigen Bestehen des Sportkreises Bodensee

Taekwondo-Abteilungsleiter des Bodensee-Schulsport-Vereins (BSV) Friedrichshafen, Markus Kohlöffel, nahm zur Feier des 75-jährigen Bestehens des Sportkreises Bodensees am Festabend im ZF Forum in Friedrichshafen teil.


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